School Is Out

©2013 Edward C. Lunnon

Monday 21 October 2013: 7 years 1 month on …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Deuce

We are all happy.


As I write this, the rain gently pours down on a very parched earth – from the Sunshine Coast to the Great Karoo. We haven’t seen good rains since November last year when ironically we flooded away and even lost my station wagon in the deluge!

In Africa, rain is seen a sign of good things to come; the promise of good luck. That is a good omen because at this time:

We are all sad.

In the last week, school has come to an end for Phillip and for us and for so many others that have celebrated this milestone over the last few days.

Yes, school is out!

For Sean, three years ago; now for Phillip and for us – school is over!

 There will be no more hostel, sandwiches, cadets, rugby on Saturdays, cricket, water-polo, school uniforms, lifts, meetings, fundraisings, prefects, awards, trips around the country, fellowship with other parents and children, dances, staff soiree’s, stories, supporters’ clubs, boundary walls …

Life is no longer Grey!

I guess this is what life and parenthood is all about. We have children and we educate them and train them and teach them and raise them up to fly away from us.

So we are sad and we are happy.

And we are excited!

We have come to the T-junction – one of many that Life will bring.

For Phillip, will it be Stellenbosch, will it be NMMU, will it be mechanical engineering, will it be mechatronics, will it be home, will it be hostel? Decisions, decisions at this T-junction … and all hanging on the results of the NSC (the national senior certificate examinations) that lie ahead over the course of the next month.

The road over the last few weeks that has brought us to this junction has been a busy one. For the record there has been:

  •          The cadet Retreat parade
  •          The prize-giving
  •          The Heritage March from the “new” school to the “old” school
  •          The Valedictory service
  •          The Father and Son Luncheon at Old Grey
  •          The Barneys Bash

So at this T-junction, what will Life bring?

We are excited by the promise and possibilities and choices that we face. We were motivated, encouraged and inspired by the various speeches that we heard at the Valedictory on Friday made by the Rector, the previous head boy of 2003 and the current (lol .. now previous!) head boy!

And all of this, in our home for one, has to be seen against the ever-increasing challenges that are brought about my illness.

For the record only, this month has been the most challenging, physically and emotionally, for me since I embarked on this CBD journey. The shadows become increasingly longer.

From the top down, let me once again do some sort of an inventory.

My mind is becoming cloudier, my vision becomes blurrier and my speech slurs every now and then (no it’s not the red wine!);

The left shoulder is painful and I can’t raise my left arm above shoulder height. The left hand is practically useless now and the fingers are curled up into the palm of my hand. The right hand is more and more affected, too, but it is still my life-line as I continue to become a now right-handed person. My writing ability has all but come to an end. Both arms feel like bags of cement!

My left bum and leg and muscles are painful and uncomfortable. My left leg gives way under me and for the first time this weekend I have had to use my walking stick at home. Sitting is the most difficult thing to do at this stage – it is painful and sets my body off into rounds of spasms and muscle twitches. I sometimes feel like a volcano ready to erupt! My left foot wants to move from the 90 degree position to 180 degrees and even further if it could and my left toes want to curl up too.

So the challenges increase.

At this junction, we are happy and sad, excited and apprehensive.

We Live Life!

Good luck, Phillip and the Class of ‘13, for your forthcoming examinations and for your roads of life that lie ahead of you.

For some, 13 is a lucky number; for others an unlucky number.

May you all get lucky!

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