There’s No Thirst Like Bathurst

©2013 Edward C. Lunnon

Tuesday 29 October 2013: 7 years 1 month on …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Deuce

Last Thursday I received an email from (unknown to me) Tanya Schenk in Bathurst, some 200km east of Port Elizabeth.

Tanya invited me to the

A B C … An Affair in the Bathurst Country!

It all became an A B C D E F … A Bathurst Cooking Drinking Eating Festival!

The Bathurst Country Affair is about food, wine and friends.  And throw in a lot of music!

The invitation read:

Join us for a celebration of everything that is good about Life!

Welcome to the Bathurst Country Affair! We are so thrilled to share our beautiful village, Bathurst, THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE with you. We wish you a most enjoyable visit and we extend an invite to you and yours to come back and visit us again and again!

Our map only highlights the venues of the Chef meals, wine tastings and other events related to this event – there are so many amazing shops in the Village – simply take a walk around the Village and you will discover many delights! There just isn’t enough room to show you everything, so EXPLORE!

So I arrived in Bathurst on Friday afternoon – a total stranger to a village that I haven’t visited in some twenty years.

And I left Bathurst on Sunday morning – with a string of new friends and a book full of memories; far too many to document here.

Even the torrential downpour that arrived early on Saturday morning and the drizzle that continued throughout the weekend, whilst necessitating many last-minute re-arrangements, could not put out the enthusiasm or the spirit of Bathurst.

Scheduled for the weekend were chef meals with local and celebrity chefs, fine dining and wine tastings, art galleries, nursery tours, buskers, upmarket exhibitions, waitron races, pineapple throwings, wacky walks, a kaskar/soapbox derby, Lord Winston Carriage Rides, mountain bike challenge and an Amazing Horse and Pony Adventure.

All of these things were taking place in and around the Village at places like The Workshop Gallery, the Pig and Whistle, The Bathurst Arms, Kingston Farm, The Corner Gallery, Bradshaw’s Mill, The ‘thursty Monkey and The Bathurst Green.

The music varied from The Silver Creek Band to Craig Mischief and to any others who wished to sing along!

All of this to Showcase the Historical Village of Bathurst!

Well, pencil in your diary for October 2014, and join me at the Bathurst Country Affair. I hope it’s a lengthy affair!

My heartfelt thanks to Tanya for the invite and to everyone else for the chat, the hug, the handshake, the dance, the drink, the meal, the laugh, the fun, the bed, the friendship! (I certainly don’t want to mention any names in case I leave yours out!)

I must add that the accommodation at the My Pond Hotel in Port Alfred was also superb and well worth a return visit!

More information about our Affair may be found on the website

Enjoy the few pics that I have attached to this blog.

“If you can pop in for a visit, please contact me personally so we can welcome you and make you feel at home!” – Those were the closing words of Tanya’s invitation.

I would like to think, by the welcome I received, that I have acquired another new home at the Centre of the Universe!


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