Diary: Fri 1 November 2013

(C) 2013 Edward C.  Lunnon 



  • errands: pay R100 speeding fine at FNB, collect registered letter at post office – took all morning! Why is it that these places have 5 teller points and only 2 tellers to serve 20 people in the Newton Park post office? My shaking increases with my stress levels, the spasms go wild and its so uncomfortable standing and waiting! At Nedbank they have a huge poster saying if we don’t attend to you in 59 seconds sms a number and our regional manager will get back to you … ha ha I’m still waiting a week later for that to happen!
  • Heaven surely doesn’t have banks and post offices!
  • Women’s weekend: Pera to Plettenberg Bay
  • Sean and I had supper at Bain Street Grill
  • Left side spasming like mad!


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