ED is in wED with Tove Kane


With Tove Kane on AlgoaFM

Hi everybody

Ed Lunnon has been on the Mid-Morning show 185 times.

That’s really quite an incredible avhievement – bringing as much awareness to neurological diseases as he and Lance Du Plessis can managed on their Wednesday morning interviews.

Ed’s focus this week is for people to consider two aspects that could change their lives for the better.

Dread diseases and unexpected accidents are realities. We can’t know what might happen to us at any given moment and Ed’s advice to the Algoa FM audience today was to put two things in place.

1. Have a salary protector in place

2. Consider what additional income you could set aside to cover unforseen costs.

Costs aren’t limited to medical conditions. Costs involve day-to-day living and if you are medically boarded or you simply can’t work, you nevertheless will still have financial needs and you have to make provision to cover these.

Ed is on the radio next Wednesday 10.30 – it was great spending these last weeks chatting on Algoa FM.

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