Twenty Thirteen AD

Friday 20 December 2013: 7 years 3 months on …

Physical: Advantage CBD/ Mental: Deuce


My desire to make things easier to keep contact with my friends and family resulted in my first starting to blog some four years ago.

I would never have dreamt then that it would have become this international “place of meeting” for so many thousands of people. So much so, that sometimes I have neglected the very people with whom I originally meant to stay in contact.

My apologies then for not being able to personally contact so many of you.

My hearfelt thanks to all of you who have remained in contact with me – the emails, the notes, the calls and the messages of support and encouragement.  The world of a terminally ill person becomes increasingly smaller and lonelier. So to all of you, especially, those who continue to include me in your world, visit me, take me out and who still include me in their social activities, I want to say a very special thanks.

As 2013 rapidly draws to a close, on behalf of our family, I wish you and your families Restful Days, Happy Holidays, Loads of Cheer, lots of Beach/Snow (wherever you may be) and Special Rejuvenation to face what I hope will be a succesful 2014 for each of us. No doubt, it will come with its opportunities and challenges, its laughter and tears and its Highs and its Lows.

To all of you, CHEERS!

2 comments on “Twenty Thirteen AD

  1. Hi there Ed and Family,
    Its been such a revalation to hear you on Algoa Fm each wednesday an I take inspiration from your “parting thoughts” my prayer for you this festive season is that you have a”lekker” time with both family and friends. Stay Blessed.
    Much love

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