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Week 2 of 2014

David Harper inculcated my love for computers in an era of mainframes which preceded the computer world of tablets, phones, laptops and PC s that permeate our lives today. From Std 8, he took me each Wednesday evening to the then technical college in the centre of Cape Town to learn the art of programming and the language of Fortran and the world of computers.
We crossed paths again when I moved to Port Elizabeth thirty years ago in 1984 to teach … Guess what! … Mathematics and Computer Science at Grey Boys High School in PE. David was teaching Maths at Victoria Park High in PE. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago.

Another of our Maths teachers, Michiel Ackerman, who continued the compeer tradition, then lectured at the PE Technikon , now the NMMU (Nelson Mandela University), where he retired last year. He lives just down the road from us with his lovely wife Noelene (Theunissen) who will be familiar to the HHH girls where she taught Domestic science.

Both these gentlemen turned me into the mathematician and computer scientist that I was to become. Unfortunately, my illness, corticalbasal degeneration, has robbed me of those abilities.

I am pleased, however, that the next generation of Lunnon’s in my son Phillip will be studying BEng Mechatronics this year at the NMMU and will continue the Maths / computer tradition started by the likes of Mssrs Harper and Ackerman!