High Days and Holidays

Tuesday 21 January 2014
7 years 4 months on …
Week 3 : 2014
40 Love to Ed

It’s hot and humid and the high days and holidays have ended. Back to work for Pera and Sean, no back to school for Phillip and same old, same old for me.

Phil received his matric marks and his place at the NMMU for B.Eng Mechatronics. He received a partial bursary for his results and is now submitting the forms to have two subjects remarked.

Now the work starts in earnest!

We returned from Plett on Friday and had brunch at Crossways on the edge of the Van Stadens River Gorge. Since then we have been in the pool (and been trying to clear the green algae!)

Sean is back at work and finding January a slow month to sell cars. Here’s hoping for more!

Pera is the only one back at school! Same old place with a whole lot of new faces. I thought of arriving here in PE 30 years ago to start teaching at Grey in January 1984.

I saw Dr Dean Barclay on Friday about my eye. The drops I have been taking have not helped, so I battle on with CENTRAL SEROUS RETINOPATHY (CSR) in addition to the CORTICAL BASAL DEGENERATION (CBD). Why do I end up with all the long diseases?

Anyway, next Tuesday I will have an injection into the eye – hopefully that will restore my vision. Please keep me in your thoughts as I put myself at the mercy of Dean, one of my ex-pupils!

Last night, the family did the Angelo’s celebration dinner thing. We were celebrating 24 years of marriage. It was like yesterday that we got married at St Hughs and partied the night away at St Albans Prison! John Watermeyer (who is recovering from his Christmas hip op was the MC, Tommo the musician and Dickie Ogilvie was my bestman together with Anton Scholtz). Then Pera and I went off east to Mauritius for ten days – the furthest east we had been until last years trip to Thailand.

Today, its back to Hospice visit with Sr Janice, weekly haircut, gate being motorised, lawn being mowed, etc etc. It’s no more high days and holidays – for a while at least!