Calling Call Centres

Dear Vodacom and all other call centres

Sean’s cell phone was stolen

It’s being used by someone – why can’t we trace where it is? Where’s all the fancy technology?

My fingers are partially paralyzed. Why, oh why, do you ask me to key in the cell number and my ID number (with great difficulty I may mention) and then when the operator answers, eventually, the first question I get asked is what is my ID number, what is the cell number …. !!!!!

Then you ask me to write down the reference number – for fracks sakes, I cant hold a phone, type in numbers, and write at the same time!

Why cant I hear you properly and please talk English … you asked me to press a 1 if that’s what I wanted. I didn’t ask for a combination of West Indian and Nigerian!

And I don’t like your music that you play over and over again ….


Another frustrated customer ….


One comment on “Calling Call Centres

  1. I could not agree with you more, it makes one want to scream. How does the person that stole the phone now get it RICA’d and is he able to give proof of residence? I think not. We as the law abiding citizens seem to be the suckers and the louts end up the winners.

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