Apple Express to Nowhere

7 years 4 months on …
4 weeks into 2014
Game Ed 1 – 0

In Port Elizabeth, near the ruins of the Boet Erasmus Stadium and the graves of the Forest Hill cemetry, one finds the remains of a once proud SAR / SAS and the Apple Express.

Last Friday, Phillip and I visited this graveyard of memories and dreams.

What a sorry sight! Once proud locomotives and coaches, tracks, offices and sheds, all left to the elements to be weathered away and destroyed!

And amongst them, the Apple Express vrotting away in the African sun.

I guess this scene is replicated at many sights all over South Africa.

Cry the beloved Country!

A few people like Gilbert Jessop and his mates are trying to put the Apple back into business.

If ever there was a cause to support, here is one! I call on business and individuals to lend a hand and a rand.

Let’s get the Apple back on track.