Forces Favourites – Patt Kerr

7 years 5 months on …

If you remember the above title, Saturday afternoons and Springbok Radio, then you will remember this video. It may bring shivers down your back …

Turn up the sound!



4 comments on “Forces Favourites – Patt Kerr

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  3. Ed. I’m a high school teacher writing a play about the border war. Actually about the people left behind. I would be very grateful if you could tell me where you got the clip. I basically haven’t got boys for the play so I have to suggest them and their experiences through photos and videos. If I could borrow yours I promise to treat them with respect.
    Lesley Swart
    I was in Grootfontein from 1984 -1989 as my husband was in 101Mech.All our photos died in a house fire in 1997.

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