Shake off the Dust

Week 8 into 2014: Game CBD
7 years 5 months on …

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CBD 0 1 0

I’m been sitting on the floor of my trying to clean up! Now I’ve given up!

Early in December, the night before we left for the Karoo, the geyser in our en suite bathroom leaked onto the ceiling, down the walls and through the cupboards. A chipboard cupboard that has water run into it looks like a Weet-Bix block in a bowl of milk!

At the time, the plumber fixed the water problem, and now is the time to fix the rest …

The insurance brokers sent out a contractor some three weeks ago to assess the damage and two weeks ago I received a call to confirm that they would arrive last week Tuesday to do the repairs. It was confirmed that they would need two days to effect the repairs to ceiling, walls and cupboard.

Last Monday, I cleared my clothing cupboards and the room, making way for the Tuesday clean-up. I left my electronic equipment and some shelves with books etc. (I later asked if I should move that too but they assured me they would cover all of that.)

The contractor arrived on Tuesday morning and after a brief look around and informing me that they would not need to replace ceiling boards – only a paint, clean-up and cupboard repair necessary – they left, not to be seen again that day.

On Wednesday two workers were dropped off and work commenced. When I returned from AlgoaFM the room and my electronic equipment were under dust, with no covering over anything that was left there. (Sorry, a jersey had been put over my amplifier!)

There were blobs of paint on the air- conditioner, walls and windows. I pointed this out to the supervisor who arrived at four to collect the labourers.

Thursday, two different guys were off-loaded, trying to clear paint marks with thumb nails! Second coats, then undercoats and then third coats were applied to walls.

Friday morning I discovered that our vacuum cleaner had been used, and now … she was brokken!

The light switch cover has not been replaced, there is dust to be cleaned, and the worst is that they haven’t even started on the cupboards yet! That’s only tomorrow now! And when that’s finished they’ll have to touch up the walls etc again!

And Barbara, our domestic, can’t HOOVER the rest of the house because the “ma-tjean – she is gone now for repairs”.

Is this what I pay insurance premiums for? Is it my illness making me angry, or have I a right to get cross.


6 comments on “Shake off the Dust

  1. Hi Ed, you`re paying 100 % each month so you must get 100 % – simple – no compromise !!

    Call your Ins co and ask them to pop in for a look or you will simply move companies !!

    Murray Finlay

    Marketing Manager

    +27 (0)41 581 2606

    +27 (0)41 581 2601

    +27 (0)83 658 2000

    Directions to Kariega





  2. Hi Ed

    If the insurance company sent the contractor – it is the responsibility of the insurance company to fix the mess, including the vacuum cleaner – Just make one phone call and then relax. Seriously.
    Good luck


  3. You are entitled to quality workmanship. Not satisfied phone the insurance assessor who came to assess the damage in the beginning.

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