The Ides of March

Tues 11 March 2014

7 years 6 months on …

Advantage CBD

Physically, the CBD appears to be racing on   …   left arm, left leg, right arm, memory, mind … and mentally it’s taking its toll too …

I’m not getting anything done and that frustrates me. My arms are becoming just too heavy to lift.

There’s pain, discomfort, twitching, spasms, weakness all rolled into one.

That one being me and my body (or should I say my body and I!).

I must admit I’m an avid Channel 199 follower and I’ve even taken to Twitter! It’s become clear to me just how important language is; the right word, the wrong place, the wrong word, the right place, and once uttered it’s out and can’t be retracted!

I must admit I’m spending more and more time in front of the TV – it’s my eye on the world and keeps me sane. Right now there’s so much on the go, besides Ch 199.

A missing Boeing, a War waiting to happen, wet coal and load shedding, cricket that rains out …when is the Nkandla report out?

So I put it to you, and I’ll come back to that later, but what interests me, who ratted on the bullet in the restaurant and through the sunroof?

Wednesday is my 200th ED IS IN WED interview on AlgoaFM. My thanks to the radio station and especially to Lance du Plessis for indulging me for four years now and in so doing raising the awareness of people living with illness. My thanks to all the listeners for tuning in, writing and calling. You are the wind beneath my wings!

3 comments on “The Ides of March

  1. Ed, I don’t always read your blogs. My inbox is a nightmare of appeals for political donation and very bad jokes. These thoughts of yours are shared, I’m sure, at no small emotional price and I thank you. Be assured of my ceaseless and prayerful concern for you and all those near you. Yours are nobleness of spirit and heart, and your courage is a rare gift to all who know of your struggle. Again, thank you, for sharing that to which most of hold no clue of understanding.

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  3. Thank you Ed for sharing. It was an honour to meet you in Port Elizabeth. Thank you for supporting our MS fundraiser event and for creating awareness of what it is like to live with a chronic, progressive, incurable medical condition. I salute you! Soldier on. Warmest wishes Amanda Grobbelaar

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