I Remember Sonja

7 years 7 months on …
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I remember Sonja van Rhyn …

Last Friday I was at home in The Strand. Sebastian, my nephew, took me to see Sonja, unannounced! We were at Hottentots-Holland High together. She was diagnosed with MSA (Multiple Systems Atrophy) shortly after my diagnosis and is now confined to a wheelchair. I caught her in bed!

Loubser, their son, has been visiting from London and has been there for some six months now. He made me coffee and we chatted for a short time ..just twenty minutes or so.

It was great catching up with Sonja, it was great meeting Loubser. Whoever knows whether our paths will cross again on this earth. When i said goodbye, it was with a lump in my throat. I have learned to wipe the tears away, privately and discreetly, I think!

Sonja sets such an example to me. She keeps a blog site too – please read it at http://msainsouthafricawithsonja.blogspot.com.

Karin Holtshauzen, also from HHH, is such a star friend to Sonja, and then there’s Lilian, the domestic, who has even undergone a course in home care. Together with Sonja’s husband, they give Sonja such great support.

But, too soon, I had to leave.

I will remember …
those twenty odd very special minutes.

Today, Louber left for London. Sonja wrote the following:

He left in the night. Part of him will always be here living in my heart. In the olive tree he planted (which he fed, one last time, with Seagrow last night in the dark). In the memories of 6 beautiful months he spent with us, mostly putting our needs before his. I wish I was so selfless at that age. We learnt much from each other. I am thankful. I let him go…

I am so thankful for those special moments when we discussed that favourite city London … when you grow tired of London, you grow tired of life!

Neither Sonja nor I are there yet!

I will remember …


I Remember Easter Sunday

I remember …

Master Jack and the Four Jacks and a Jill
Cry to me
Love is a beautiful Song
For your precious love

I remember …

All those vinyls, the 45 RPM’s and the 33’s … Even the heavy 78’s in their brown paper sleeves

I remember …

Our radiogramme with the turntable and spindle that you packed the records onto … The records fell down one by one and the arm automatically lifted and crossed onto the track. It was a fancy ‘gram, complete with AM and SW radio and a green eye that warmed up and shone brightly when it was switched on

I remember …

Easter church service in the Strand Methodist Church and looking for Easter eggs
Easter church service in the village hall at St Francis Bay and Sunrise Service at Granny’s Pool with the sun coming up over the Indian Ocean
No 6 at Royal Wharf

I remember …

Happy holidays ….