I Remember Easter Sunday

I remember …

Master Jack and the Four Jacks and a Jill
Cry to me
Love is a beautiful Song
For your precious love

I remember …

All those vinyls, the 45 RPM’s and the 33’s … Even the heavy 78’s in their brown paper sleeves

I remember …

Our radiogramme with the turntable and spindle that you packed the records onto … The records fell down one by one and the arm automatically lifted and crossed onto the track. It was a fancy ‘gram, complete with AM and SW radio and a green eye that warmed up and shone brightly when it was switched on

I remember …

Easter church service in the Strand Methodist Church and looking for Easter eggs
Easter church service in the village hall at St Francis Bay and Sunrise Service at Granny’s Pool with the sun coming up over the Indian Ocean
No 6 at Royal Wharf

I remember …

Happy holidays ….


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