The Merry Month of May

7 years 8 months on …
Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental Advantage: Ed

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I remember …

We left Kimberley last Wednesday at three in the afternoon. I navigated the bus through places that I have never seen before: Phillopolis, Phillipstown and the Boerestaat enclave of Orania. Sunset over Hanover was spectacular, and we arrived back in PE at 11pm.

I remember …

Since getting back, it’s been a whirlwind of activity. Braai at Kerry Botha, then off to St Francis for the weekend with Jenny and Mike Rishworth.

I remember …

Our trip to Patensie was fun. We stayed at the Ferreiras, braaied there on Tuesday night, I addressed the Gamtoos Tourism Bureau on Wednesday morning and broadcast via phone and Skype ED is in wED on AlgoaFM. later in the day we returned to PE and had lunch with the Southwoods. Then we voted.

I remember …

Election Days. This one and the ones before and the one in 1994 – the first democratic election in our country. It was a time of happiness and fear. We were concerned that things would go wrong, and yet it all turned out fine. We have had twenty years of democracy, and our elections are an example to the world. And then there was our Old/New South Africa party … a time to celebrate, indeed!

I remember …

Friday I spoke to Global Business Solutions.

I remember …

Sunday was Mother’s Day. Sean took us out for supper at Angelo’s on Saturday. Family time! Sunday, the Southwoods visited us.

I remember …

My mother, Doris. She and Dad married on 3 May 1952 and Mom passed away 28 years ago at the age of 55!

I remember …

It was back to a normal five day work week this week, after all the holidays. Everyone returned to their normal things, and I returned to The Oscar Pistorius Trial Channel – Days 29, 30 and 31!

I remember …

Physically, these days are becoming more difficult for me. Mentally, I’m ahead of the game. It’s an effort! On top of it all, the roof is being repaired. I’m stressed by all this activity!

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