Vaughan Jones

Vaughan Jones


Vaughan Jones taught English at Grey High School in Port Elizabeth.

This afternoon, Vaughan passed away doing what he loved most – surfing.

The tributes pouring in  tonight on the social media from colleagues, pupils, friends and family, say it all

He was an Officer and a Gentleman, a friend, a mentor, a teacher, a guide, a confidante – the adjectives keep on rolling!

I read the following poem by Ronnie Belcher, the late husband of my English teacher Ella Belcher:

Wintersmaande word met die gewaai

van reen en wind die bote skoongemaak

en warm vasgeanker teen die kaai,

maar soms gebeur dit dat met hooggety

een skielik op ’n nag sy toue breek,

die oop see invaar en vir goed wegbly


The last few lines translated into English:

But sometimes it happens that

Suddenly on a night, at high tide,

the ropes snap,

The boat drifts out to sea

And never returns!


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