What’s on your MiND?

7 years 11 months ill with a degenerative neurological illness CBD …

Last night, Mother Nature emptied her buckets of ice and snow and water over Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape, answering the call to the Ice bucket challenge.

So now, this morning, part 2 of the challenge remains. To whom or what should a donation be made?

The question, of course, is “Why would you want to donate anything?”

Is it because you want to be philanthropic and donate money towards research to eradicate these scourge diseases?

I am yet to be informed that there is any recognized brain research being done in South Africa. Until that happens, I am of the opinion that NO research is being conducted. So why give your money to nobody?

Is it because you want to make my life and that of my fellow twenty-odd ill compatriots a little easier?

So who cares for us? Who makes our lives easier and more comfortable?

Who provides us with the arms and legs and lungs and tongue that we lose?

Who provides the hugs, the care, the love, the psychological assistance, the 24 hour assistance, the medication, the physio- and speech therapy, the crutches, the wheel chairs, the breathing apparatus and all the other apparatus that we need to enable us to live a somewhat dignified life – a life that we, as healthy people, take so,for granted?

In the first instance, we are dependent on our families.

In the second instance, they depend on organizations such as the Hospice Organisation (the St Francis Hospice of Port Elizabeth, in particular) and the Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Africa.

These organizations, who do sterling work, are dependent on public ( that’s your!) assistance.

So, if that’s on your MiND today, go to http://www.hospice-PE.co.za or http://www.mnda.org.za and make your donation there! All the details are there to make it easy for you. No more worries for you!

We thank you for caring and sharing.


Ice Bucket Donations

The following two beneficiaries are recommended by local MND and other neurological illness patients:

1) Your local Hospice branch.

In PE go to http://www.hospice-pe.co.za/donate/ for various donation options.

Phone Melanie Manson @ 041 360 7070

2) The Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Africa – their website is http://www.mnda.org.za/

and their banking details from the site are:

To make a donation, please send a cheque to the Secretary, or better still by electronic transfer to:

MNDA of SA, Account Number: 270629130 at Standard Bank of SA Ltd, Rondebosch Branch Code: 025009.

Swift Code (essential for International Transfers):

SBZAZAJJ 02500911.

Please make sure to notify our Secretary:

Fax: +27 21 531 6131 or

email her at mndaofsa@global.co.za or

Phone Rina Myburgh in Cape Town @ Motor Neurone Disease / ALS Association of South Africa –  @ 021 5316130

Of course, if you are concerned that you would like the donation to go as close to the patients as possible, why not be creative and do just that – give something directly to each patient in your area: a food parcel, pay the electricity account, give them product, an aeroplane ticket, pay the chemist or physiotherapist account, car service, petrol voucher, clothes, movie tickets, show tickets etc etc. Many haven’t had a holiday in years …

I was reading an article today that in many cases up to 80% of donations given are used in admin costs and never get to the patient. By using a creative method in kind, you are ensuring that your donation goes directly to the patient!

The Last Right – Taking One’s own Life


Listen here to my Stellenbosch Student Days’ friend Jeanne Els talking about depression and suicide on Radio Sonder Grense (RSG) this morning. She talks from her own life experiences.

Unfortunately, the programme is only available in Afrikans.

Click here: