Money or the Box

7 years 11 months ill …


The title of this blog is the title of a radio programme that we listened to on Monday nights on Springbok Radio when I was in High School.

We listened to the radio because we had no television. We were the last class in South Africa to matriculate without TV. The following year the real box arrived. Test TV and then TV 1, a year later, was introduced into South Africa.

The year was 1974.

My class, the Class of 1974, may have matriculated televisionless but we were the first class to be allowed to use electronic calculators in our final mathematics examination – as long as they were SHARP Elsimate and could only add, subtract, multiply and divide! No more log books or slide rules for us!

We were thus the first high school scholars in this country to enter the world with TV’s and calculators! So, we could be a researcher’s dream! The world of electronic mod-cons and it’s influence on society …

Yet, there were no CD’s, no IPods nor IPads, no laptops, no PC’s, no cellphones nor smartphones, no internet, no broadband.

The only wireless we had was the little transistor brown Hitachi transistor radio on which I listened to Money or the Box (and Squad Cars and Creaking Door …)

This last week I have been organising the 40 year reunion of my Hottentots-Holland High School class of 1974. It is bringing back memories and laughs and old (yes old, too!) friends from around the world. The world has become a small place.

It is keeping my mind off my deteriorating health condition.

This week, it’s Physical: Advantage CBD and Mental: My Advantage, Deuce, Your Advantage, Deuce, My Advantage, Deuce, Your Advantage …

2 comments on “Money or the Box

  1. Hi Ed, Yes, a real episode of ‘call back the past’. I remember too the likes of Superman, Squad Cars, Venture, Men from the Ministry. Hey, those were the days, my friend !!! I matriculated in 1966, so no calculator for me at school…I got my first one when I’d been working for about three-four years ! At work it was the old crank-handle adding machines. I recall some of the guys who could add rows of figures in their heads…they’d learnt to do it in the pounds, shillings & pence days, which was no mean feat. Look after yourself, Ed, and keep fighting the good fight. Trevor

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