Cecil … Cecil Bond

We were best of mates from the start and were at school together until he left in Std 8, I think.

I can’t remember why or where.

His Grandfather was also Cecil Bond. They owned a factory that manufactured caravans.

CA Bond and Son. Hence, the caravans were called CABSON. You still see them on the road and in the declining numbers of caravan parks around.

I have not seen or heard from Cecil in 42 years. But with all my scratching for the reunion, for the heck of it, I searched CECIL BOND.

I found Cecil Bond!

Hometown Vancouver CA Previously Cape Town SA

I looked at his pics – gliding, canoeing, climbing, skiing …

Quite intrepid in his old age, I thought, and I excitedly messaged him. Please be my friend, again!

Soon came the response from the other side of the world, ” The Cecil Bond you are looking for is my Dad! But I will tell him”

Then came the email. Now the phone call.

The friendship has been rekindled once again!