Mr Postman

7 years 11 months ill …

HHH 004

I have been inviting fellow classmates to our 40th school reunion.

Today, I started inviting teachers. One problem – they don’t all have Facebook or even e-mail addresses!

Can you imagine a world without an email address?

So, I have just –

printed the letters ( hope the format is correct Mrs Belcher and Mnr Schoeman!)

found envelopes

folded the letters

inserted the letters into the envelopes

addressed the envelopes on the front

put my home address on the back of the envelopes

used cellotape to ensure the envelopes are closed – the glue is old!

put stamps on the envelopes – hope they are still valid (found them in my desk drawer!)

Now, I will have to find a red post box somewhere ( do they still collect post?)

and, I hope they arrive in Somerset West!

Imagine the world without e-mail addresses!

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