Breakfast, Lunch and Supper

Eight years on with CBD …
Physical: advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage Ed

After our radio talk on Wednesday, I was invited by Tavcor to attend their Ice bucket Challenge with fundraising for PE’s St Francis Hospice.

While I was there my left leg went haywire – spasms then limp. It remained useless for the rest of the day and I was confined to my bed. The problem spread to my left arm too.

Was this the beginning of the next phase? Whichever, Wednesday was the most difficult day in my 8 year journey, and the week the most difficult one!

On Thursday morning there was a great improvement, but I have had to take the rest of the week just a little bit easier – more time on my bed! I don’t like doing this, but thank goodness for my iPad. It keeps me busy and I’m putting the final touches to our reunion in Somerset West.

On Thursday evening I managed to slip in a show , Johnny Cash, at the Old Cash Bar, and caught up with Elvis impersonator and friend Lionel Hunt from Port Alfred.

Friday was hectic. Breakfast with Brent, lunch with Lionel, milk tart with Mandy and supper with self! In between I had a meeting at Aurora with the OT but cancelled a drink at the Southender with Trichardt van Tonder. I was just too tired.

Today was TV day … Rugby, rugby, rugby and the Boks lost to Australia. Tomorrow the economy takes a dip and the rand dollar rate will slide!

Now for a new week. Let’s see what it brings …

3 comments on “Breakfast, Lunch and Supper

  1. Technology is wonderful when you need to rest and stay in touch at the same time. Take care my friend and think of you often.

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