The Week that Was … 19 November 2014

(c) 2014 Edward C Lunnon
8 years 2 months ill …
Physical: Game CBD

* Coffee with Len, hair by Grant, chat to Isaac
* Zelda Coppin’s funeral on Monday – missed Remembrance Day service
* Lunnon Trust Fund accounts verified at bank
* Visit to Dr Butters for annual medical check-up (haha Showroom condition! must be a North End PE or a Voortrekker Rd Parow Ct showroom!)
* Op Saterdag was ons in die Oos-Kaap moertoe gepomp deur die wind
* Boks beat England at Twickenham – reminiscing about visit there 4 years
* Commence taking quinine tablets for spasms … hope this works!
* Kevin Williams diagnosed with CBD in Cape Town
*. The Tree Fellow Fadi comes in to trim our garden!
*. Visit Pam Thomson / Debbie Whitley has third round of chemo / john commences chemo
*. Article in weekly magazine Vroukeur
* Chaos in Parliament and International Toilet Day
* Prof Stephen Hawking’s movie is released.
* Struggling to get rid of cold and cough


The Week that was … 12 November 2014

(c) 2014 Edward C Lunnon
8 years 2 months ill …
Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage Ed


* Meeting of the MNDA SA (EC) at the St Francis PE Hospice under the new guidance of Sheila Kendal – what a great and informative meeting!

* Problem with car became no problem!

* Advised of death of Zelda Coppin – CBD patient here in PE! RIP Zelda and my condolences to the family

* Supper with Stapes to watch Boks vs Ireland …and we lost! Reminiscing about my trip to Ireland 4 years ago …

* Brunch with the Clarkes – John to start treatment next week (John and Pam diagnosed last week).

*   Advised of sudden death of friend Ludwig Du Toit in London RIP   My condolences to the Du Toit and Wust families.

* Ed is in Wed with Denise Cornish and Colleen Collett. Coffe at Bluwaters Cafe on the beachfront … thanks to Batho de Vries