It’s a Small, Small World


Yesterday I received a “friend” request from Peter Pringle who was at HHH school with me and now lives in Australia on Phillip Island (our youngest’s name).

Peter was friends with Nico Malan at Matieland and Nico, now deceased, was the sister of Tillie Wust who is married to Jacobus Wust who is the brother of Willem Wust. They feature often in my blogs.

I studied at Stellenbosch with the Wust brothers and it was from Willem!s home in Eversdal that I was diagnosed with CBD on 8 February 2007.

I stayed with the Wusts in Kleinmond just before Christmas and will be staying with them next week when I go to Cape Town to meet with Dr Glynn Jones, my Stellenbosch roomie who is coming to SA on holiday from Canada.

The Wusts previous holiday home was in Pringle Bay.

I was MC at Glynn and Carol’s wedding in Plattekloof as I was at Tillie and Jacobus’s wedding in the Sanlamsaal at the Neelsie in Stellenbosch.

Sean, our eldest, heads off to Australia next month, to be bestman at his friend’s wedding.

The Circle of Life in a small, small world!

Green Green Grass

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon
8 years 4 months ill …
Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental : Deuce


Physically, this week has seen the most dramatic and quickest changes in my health. There have been short jabs of pain in my gluts, weak legs, shallow breathing, muscle spasms in my left calf muscle and the crossing over to my right hand of the telltale signs of the ever-increasing paralysis in the extremities of my limbs. On a few occasions I have had to grab on to a bed or piece of furniture or the wall to prevent myself from slipping to the floor.

It comes in a week when Stilnox is on everyone’s mind … Pun intended! It is a sleeping tablet and was featured last week on MNET’S Carte Blanche as a Lazarus Pill! It has also been used in a number of cases of neurological illnesses and brain damaged patients with miraculous effects.

There are also continuing discussions on the efficacy of the use of grass (marijuana) in cases of neurological illnesses.

The question of course now is have you or have you not, and will you or will you not?

Stilnox also comes in a week when a number of our friends are receiving chemotherapy and radiation and whatever other treatments are required by Cancer patients. It is the first time that I have experienced Cancer in people who are so close to me and the closest the disease has got to me. I remain in awe as to the aggressiveness and ugliness of the disease and to the braveness and positivity of the people who have to face this scourge and do battle against it.

It’s like pouring poison into the body to kill of the Cancer cells and is so different to the neurological illnesses that I and many others have to face.

It reminds me of our lawn and trying to keep it healthy and well nourished and green and weed-free!

Let me explain:

In our cases of neurological illnesses, the weeds appear in the lawn as do the faults in our brain. There is no poison, no weed killer, no nothing that can be sprayed on or applied to kill the weeds (Maybe Stilnox?). The lawn is just left! Eventually, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly,the weeds take over and kill the grass.

With cancer, various weed killers are applied to the weeds. For some, the lucky ones, the weeds are killed permanently and the grass flourishes once again.

For others, not all the weeds are killed, and it becomes a continuous and on-going battle to keep the weeds under control. The weeds keep re-appearing and the poison is sprayed over and over again.

And for a few, the weeds are killed off only to reappear sometime in the future and the whole process has to be applied once again!

My thoughts and prayers and good wishes go to all our friends, acquaintances and readers and listeners who battle to tend their gardens at this time!

What A Ride!

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon
8 years 4 months ill …
Pysical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage Ed

25th Wedding Anniversary Edition


This has been a week of occassion:

Back to school after 6 weeks of holiday which saw Pera in New Zealand with Bridget and June, me in Kleinmond with the Wusts, us in Cape Town with the Ridgways and Mullers and Southwoods and Peaches, and us in St Francis Bay with a houseful of Sean’s and Phillip’s friends and the Southwoods. Rolls went back into the water and out came the wakeboard and the ski’s!

We did Christmas in Strand, Ratanga and War Horse and Grand Beach in Cape Town, Farmer’s Market and Thirsty Scarecrow in Stellenbosch and Vergelegen in Somerset West with Gaby and Vera.

The week has been about getting back to “normal” things – all the domestic issues and haircuts, massages, pills, chemists, doctors, dentists, visits from Isaac and Gill from the Hospice.

Carol and Glynn Jones (my university roommate) from Canada contacted me after 36 years and we will meet up soon in the Cape.

AB tumbled the cricket records.

We got to visit with Pam and Neil Thomson and Wendy and John Clarke.

Pera had her annual back to school dinner at home with her teaching colleagues.

Forty years ago, this week,  I departed to the United States

Today is our Silver Wedding Anniversary. Tonight we celebrate.

What a ride it’s been and continues to be!

Ratanga2014 004 Ratanga2014 001 Ratanga2014 002

Forty Years Ago, aged 18, Ed Lunnon goes to Oklahoma


(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon

8 years 4 months ill …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage Ed

“So it was, that on 15 January 1975, at the age of 18, I flew (for the first time!) out of Cape Town via Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, New York City and Chicago to Oklahoma City and on to Sulphur, Oklahoma.

That’s how I ended up in Oklahoma, Jonathan! That’s how I got to graduate from Sulphur High School. That’s how I got to become an honorary citizen of Oklahoma, conferred on me in Oklahoma City by governor David Boren on 1 December 1975… ”

Read my blog:

Oklahoma is OK and so much more!

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Keeping up with the Glynn Jones’s!


During the course of the night a message arrived from Canada on Facebook from Carol Friend Jones, asking to be my friend! (Don’t miss the irony in the name!)

But she was Friend and still is my friend! She’s the wife of my erstwhile Stellenbosch University Helshoogte Residence room mate, now Dr Glynn Jones!

I was MC at their wedding in Plattekloof Cape Town 36 years ago! I haven’t seen them since!

But they – all fourteen of them! – are coming home on holiday and we are going to meet in Stellenbosch – where I was born and bred!

I’m so excited …. more to come!