It’s a Small, Small World


Yesterday I received a “friend” request from Peter Pringle who was at HHH school with me and now lives in Australia on Phillip Island (our youngest’s name).

Peter was friends with Nico Malan at Matieland and Nico, now deceased, was the sister of Tillie Wust who is married to Jacobus Wust who is the brother of Willem Wust. They feature often in my blogs.

I studied at Stellenbosch with the Wust brothers and it was from Willem!s home in Eversdal that I was diagnosed with CBD on 8 February 2007.

I stayed with the Wusts in Kleinmond just before Christmas and will be staying with them next week when I go to Cape Town to meet with Dr Glynn Jones, my Stellenbosch roomie who is coming to SA on holiday from Canada.

The Wusts previous holiday home was in Pringle Bay.

I was MC at Glynn and Carol’s wedding in Plattekloof as I was at Tillie and Jacobus’s wedding in the Sanlamsaal at the Neelsie in Stellenbosch.

Sean, our eldest, heads off to Australia next month, to be bestman at his friend’s wedding.

The Circle of Life in a small, small world!

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