Give to Caesar What is due to Caesar


(C) 2015 Edward C Lunnon

8 years  6  months  ill …

Physical:  Advantage  CBD / Mental: Advantage Ed

I was summonsed to visit SARS at their palace in Chapel Street.

So I diarised yesterday for this visit. The reason for the summons I was told was that they owed me money and wanted to verify my bank details and the fact that I am still alive.

After obtaining all the documents listed (that’s another story!) in the morning, I headed for Chapel Street at 14h00. The queue emerged from the front door, down the street, past the Phoenix Hotel and down Whites road. I thought the Phoenix was having a sale on beers!

Well here’s where being disabled helps. I was shown to the front door and given a chair to sit on. My documents were perused and, oh no, the electricity account was older then three moths. I would have to return tomorow!

So, that.s today! I got up at six am which is somewhat of an ordeal for me.

At seven thirty the Chapel Street queue was already past the Phoenix Hotel.

My disability got me ticket no ten and an invitation into the hallowed Cathedral of the Port Elizabeth branch of the South African receiver of revenue, the tax man!

Once inside it took a few minutes before the automated TV and speaker queueing system burst into action at eight am. Then a few more minutes before no ten was called, a period of thirty minutes whilst the keyboard was tickled, forms scrutinized, leaders were called, signatures appended, moments of deathly agonising silence, and then the final OK Sir, thank you very much!

The rest of the morning was set aside to reconcile my bank statements. It was then that I discovered that the Bank hasn’t sent me statements for four months now!

Oh no! Another phone call to the call centre – my pet hate! But then, I have the manager’s private number, so let’s pull rank again!

In the meantime the Internet will be used to make printouts, but it’s down again. A call to the service provider call centre? You must be joking!

So with what I have, we’ll try our best … Only to find that Discovery have messed up the premiums again, and the insurance premium is also a problem. A phone call to the broker!

In between, I have received some five phone calls from MNET! Add to that yesterday’s frustration with our satellite TV provider, and a call to their call centre is definitely not on the cards.

And a further few calls from the accountants …, a visit from the social worker, a spasmed out leg and the Internet that is on the blink …life’s great! Especially when I have to pay my dues sitting under a large portrait  of No 1 himself.

My three o’clock appointment with the insurance consultant has not arrived!

Will the cabinet be delivered that was scheduled for delivery between three and five? Oh yes, wonders of wonders!

But then, all hell let loose with the travel agent …..

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