week EnDing 18 March 2015

(c) Edward C Lunnon 2015

8 years 6 months ill …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage CBD

This has been one of the most difficult weeks for me. I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my left leg and gluts, and have allowed it to get the better of me. It’s the pain that wears one down and then tiredness sets in and then the mind succumbs to self-pity. The spiral is downwards and one needs to stop that … quickly!

There is so much to do and I have started losing interest in things around me. I find it difficult to be with people and I guess that makes it difficult for them to want to be with me! I need to stop this … quickly!

It all started after I returned from Cape Town and went onto Rivotril for the spasms. Four weeks have passed by and I have been in another world! Now, I’m off it and on Celebrex. Let’s see what these capsules do …

Other than seeing SARS last week, I have done little other than the usual physio, massages, doctor visit, haircut and visit from Isaac and Mark, a new comer volunteer at the Hospice. Then there has been the ongoing discussions with the call centre at DSTV … Enough to get one to just throw in the towel. Another lesson … Never purchase or arrange anything over the phone! Stay away from call centers. Write down when, who, where, what …

The Hospice continues to feel the financial pinch and has had to retrench more staff. That means less visits to me and others. Please support them whenever you can! We need you to help them to help us. There Last Night at the Proms comes up soon and is a show not to be missed. So reserve your seats now!


2 comments on “week EnDing 18 March 2015

  1. Sorry to read of your bad time. Constant pain sucks energy and concentration. As you say, a spiral to be pulled out off as quickly as possible. Just not always that easy.

    I found the Rivotril also left me zoned out, until we dropped the meds to 1mg at night. Works and not zoned out. My neuro tried Madopar and Topalex for the dystonias /myoclonic spasms, but neither have had any obvious effect, but mine are quite mild and confined largely to my right arm, only affecting my right leg if I’ve done too much (according to CBD’s measure of ‘too much’). My daughter’s a Personal Trainer who specialised in disability and post-operative rehab, and her weekly stretching and sports massages seem to have eased things a tad.

    Hope this weeks better.

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