CBD Notes (3)

I thought I would share with you private notes that are circulated between some of us who are CBD sufferers and our caregivers / spouses / families.
It will hopefully give you a better insight into the world of those of us who battle CBD everyday!

I have removed names for obvious reasons!

I truly believe my husband benefits from the vitamin regimen that Sharon posted on this site. I encourage those new to this site to try them. I was skeptical at first, but they worked for my husband. I also think that physical training to keep your body active and strong helps too. You can’t stop the disease but I do think you can lessen the impacts or slow the progression by taking the vitamins and exercising. We put together a week supply of vitamins in those medicine pill sorters so my husband takes them 4 times daily. He also uses coconut oil and MCT oil to help with constipation. He doesn’t take any drugs for the disease except for Flomax. The disease takes its toll, but we are still here. I believe my husband is in year six.