The Days of our Lives

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon

8 years 6 months ill …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental Deuce


Brendon McCullum, New Zealand skipper, after losing to Australia in the Cricket World Cup, told his team to enjoy the moment because “these were the days of our lives”!

There’s no reason why we shouldn’t attempt to make every day the days of our life!

So in a week of the horrific French Alps plane crash, and despite physical constraints, there was also

  • the cricket world cup final in Melbourne, Australia
  • the African IronMan triathlon in Port Elizabeth
  • the Grey vs Bishops rugby in Grahamstown
  • Rob Andrews retirement breakfast at Grey Junior
  • Breakfast with Annette Jones
  • Meetings with my broker and Discovery 
  • the Kings beating the Bulldogs 

Just another week in the days of my life!

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