Base Camp

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon

8 years 7 months ill …

Physical: Deuce / Mental: Advantage Ed 


I became aware that there was something wrong with my body in September 2006 – hence my timeline of 8 years and 7 months of being ill.

I was diagnosed with Corticalbasal degeneration in February 2007 – some 8 years ago.

Lance du Plessis and I commenced chatting on AlgoaFM, our local Eastern Cape radio station, in March 2010 – some 5 years ago.

During these five years, I have gone from being a very abled human being to being, at this stage, a partially disabled human being.

I have experienced the joy of life in all its glory – and maybe not always realised the blessing to be able to do so – and have experienced the joy of life from the perspective of someone who is not always in full control of his body.

It is difficult to see this illness gradually take away your body from you – just small bits at a time. This week I had to visit the neurologist to complete forms for my insurance company. They wanted to know whether i was getting better! it was startling to see just how much regression has taken place in these last few years. From top to toe, so much has been taken away. Yet, I have adapted and have learned to cope with less and (most of the time) have been able to do so quite effectively and happily.

With just a couple to go, we come to the end of our regular Wednesday morning chats on the radio, some 250 of them over the last five years. I realise that we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg. In this long journey, this battle with a degenerative brain disease, we have only just made it to base camp of the Mount Everest that I and my family have to climb.

It is here that we will have to rest a while, acclimatise and get ready for the real challenges that lie ahead. Yes, I will miss sharing my journey on air with the so many people, worldwide, who have taken the trouble each week to listen to Lance and I. I shall miss Lance who has climbed with me for the last five years. He has been my climbing partner and has kept me going all this while. 

However, I will still be available online as I face the steep cliffs that lie ahead. 

Yesterday, on our way to our monthly MNDSA support group meeting, we had to transfer a totally disabled person from wheelchair to car and vice versa and over again. I’m not sure how may of you have actually done that, but I realised yesterday just the challenges that go into that seemingly simple action for most able-bodied people. 

Yes, the cliffs get steeper and steeper …

But, I am told, the view gets better and better …

I look forward to sharing that view with you.

Thanks, again, for reading, for caring and for sharing.