Weak after Week!

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon / 8 years 8 months ill / Physical Adv CBD : Mental Adv Ed

ED is in tirED and ED is in Eina Damnit!

This past week, Grey Reunion 2015, has been busy, tiring , exciting and gratifying.

Last Tuesday evening, we had supper at the timeless Phoenix Hotel to celebrate Sean’s birthday.

Wednesday we attended the 30th Selley Concert in the Feathermarket Hall, then joined Sean and his friends at his birthday party at a pub in Walmer. I then met up with some of my ex-pupils at Old Grey Club.

On Thursday I joined the golfers at Humewood for lunch and drinks. Thereafter, it was the Reunion Dinner in the Memorial quad at Grey High and after-dinner drinks at Old Grey Club.

Breakfast on Friday morning was eaten in my erstwhile home, the Grey Hostel. This was followed by the interment of Rector Pakendorf’s ashes ino the Remembrance Wall of the Grey’s De Waal Hall, tea in the Restaurant, Reunion Assembly and lunch in the Rectory Garden with the Rector and the Class of 1990.

The cadet parade, the Trooping of the Colour, concluded the festivities at the school, and then the 25 Reunion class had a party bash at the Westview Drive Bowling Club. I left early at ten pm but the party continued into the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Saturday was rugby against Queens, watched from the new school pavilion thanks to sponsors Adviceworks. Lunch in the pavilion was followed by drinks in Dexters Den at the Junior School, the First XV  game on the Philip Field, drinks in the Pavilion and Memorial Quad and then au revoir at Old Grey Club!

Needless to say, Sunday was celebrated for the purpose it was made – the Rest Day! I was very weak when we got to the MacKenzies on Sunday evening to have supper with them and the Ogilvies!

Monday was my appointment with the chiropractor – needles and all! Tuesday was my haircut day.

It was great meeting up with so many old friends and acquaintances, many of my ex-colleagues, Maureen and Rudi Pakendorf and Kurt, Anton and Hans, and all my old pupils and parents. They are the tapestry of my memories of The Grey.

That was Grey Reunion 2015! Now, I am never an Old Grey but I am old and grey.

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