For the Record

(c) 2015 Ed C Lunnon / 8 years 11 months Ill… / Physical: Advantage CBD – Mental: Deuce

It’s almost the end of August 2015.

I haven’t written for a while now – certainly the longest break since I started writing these blogs.

We returned from Canada and USA in the middle of July. Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley seem like a dream.

The rand is at an all-time low (14 to the dollar and 20 to the pound), my muscles are racked with pain, I have been ill for almost 9 years, Charlie is 4 years old, Phillip is 20.

I am now seeing the chiropractor, the Biokineticist, the masseur and my stalwart support from the St Francis Hospice of Port Elizabeth are seeing me. I am becoming reliant on my walking stick from Kelowna, the crutches and the stroller … And I am finding it easier to sit and lie down. Mentally, the forgetfulness increases …

I shall write more this week … Hopefully the rain will cease sometime soon. It seems not to have stopped since we got back from 40 degree British Columbia! And our load shedding has come to an end … In Ryan Street at least!


2 comments on “For the Record

  1. Hi, I have been following your blog and radio interviews. you are an inspiration and always manage to put my own struggles into perspective. My daughter Melissa is 16 years old and was born with a heart condition called Tetrology of Fallot. She had open heart surgery at 9 months and is facing follow up heart surgery.

    Having said that she is healthy and is leading a great school life and is even on the Junior City Council.

    So thank you and there is people thinking of you.

    Kind Regards Paul Welgemoed National Manager: Corporate, Customs & Strategic Compliance

    BLG Logistics of South Africa (Pty) Ltd Tel: 041 – 503 4400 Fax: 041 – 368 4544 Fax to E-Mail: 086 645 2479

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