I Watched a Murder Today

What a day it’s been!

When I woke up this morning, I was in once again in unbelievable pain. The difference was that unlike previous mornings, it didn’t go away.

I could barely walk and, at bedtime, can still not walk. The pain is excruciating!

The wheelchair has been brought into my room. I’m not sure I want to see it there.

After I was needled by the chiropractor, I had an appointment with the oral hygienist. It’s not an appointment that I enjoy, but one thing I do know, I shall leave this world with the best cared-for teeth. Can one leave one’s teeth to be transplanted or for the use of medical science? My thanks to my dental team who take such good care of me!

Because I was so sore, I remained on my bed for the rest of today. CNN and Facebook were on.

Resultantly, I saw the tweets as they were posted and before they were removed!

Two young journalists shot and killed live on camera on air.

With all the electronic devices and social media at our disposal, today I watched and witnessed a murder live on air!

Not a video game, not a toy gun, not a scripted movie, not stunt models. This was the real thing!

I saw a murder taking place from behind the barrel of a gun!

What a week it’s been.

The stock exchange has fallen.

The value of the rand has fallen.

The price of oil has fallen.

My legs have fallen.

The morals of our society have fallen.


2 comments on “I Watched a Murder Today

  1. Our world is indeed a messed up place, chaos, anarchy, religious fanatics and so called human rights activists all over. Now our beloved Stellenbosch University is being targeted – I would like to know how many of those students i the LUISTER video are actually enrolled at Stellenbosch. Social media can be so easily used to hype things up and verification does not happen. I sympathise with those who have to deal with blatant racism, if it is indeed not just perception or sensationalism, but not the fact that they are upset about the Afrikaans. I managed even though I am English BUT I chose to go there. Surely this can be likened, simplistically, to me walking in to a BMW sales room and demanding to buy a Mercedes. No -one forced them to go to Stellenbosch – it was their own free choice – then get on with it.

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