Hungry in Hungary

The Late Aylan Kurdi from Syria found on a beach in Turkey
(C) 2015 Ed C Lunnon / 9 years ill … / Advantage CBD

Seventy years have passed since the end of World War II in 1945. The world has been celebrating this event over the last few weeks. When we see pictures from that War we are stirred to say “Never Again” would we allow this to happen.

And yet, right now, as I am writing, I am seeing images flash across my TV screen which are as horrific as and reminiscent of those WW II images. Trains and truckloads of people being transported … Displaced by destruction, weary from war, searching for safety and security and fighting for food!

It is the biggest migration of people since World War II – over sea and over land.

And we appear to be allowing it to happen all over again!

Where is the world in Syria?

It’s not an easy solution to a difficult problem and Europe appears to be fighting itself with answers.

I placed a question on FB today … What would you do if truckloads and trainloads and boatloads of migrants arrived on your doorsteps? That in itself has created a healthy debate!

So, as I fight CBD today, my war against my enemy, I repeat the question to you:

What would you do should Aylan have arrived on your doorstep before he drowned in the Mediterranean Sea?


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