Events We Remember …

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon / Physical: Advantage CBD ~ Mental: Deuce / Ill for 9 years …

So much has happened in the last three months and I have not been diarising these events on my blog site. I have not been in a good space.

This month, September, is a special month in my life. 

I celebrate my birthday, and nine years of my living with CBD since 2006. I also started blogging in this month of 2009 – so it’s been six years of blogging, of sharing my journey with you. Thank you for all the support during this time.

The human journey was in the spotlight yesterday when our possible predecessor, found in Gauteng, South Africa, and pictured above, was announced to the world. I remember, years ago, driving around that area west of Johannesburg, with the family, in search of the Cradle of Mankind. We never did find it!

We remember our wonderful journey to Canada and the USA in June and July. I will still write about that. But, we remember our friends, the Jones’s, who made it possible and who shared with us the beauty of their adopted homeland, Canada. 

Today, we remember September 11 and those events that changed our world. We remember all those thousands who lost their lives in the USA, and subsequently all those who lost their lives in wars around the world.

I remember all those people whom I met in Oklahoma USA in 1975, some whom I was privileged to see again after 40 years, in Sulphur, when we visited there in July. I owe you all a great gratitude of thanks for making the effort to visit with us during that “oh too short a visit”.

Yes, we live in a small world in a big Space. And “no man is an island”! Events we remember from the past shape our future, and affect us.

The thousands of refugees and migrants moving in the our world touch and affect us. The floods in Japan affect us. The sharp drop in the stock exchange affects us.

Yesterday, was a busy day. It started by attending a meeting where a presentation was given about the economy, both SA and abroad. Food for thought! 

So where are you putting your money?

Then I had my muscles needled and experienced great short-term relief from the pain.

In the evening we attended the Grey Junior School Music evening.

It showcases the best in music that our sons are able to deliver. It showcases the ability of the human race to be able to transcend barriers and borders and boundaries. 

It showcases our ability to constantly push the envelope in our space.

It showcases Amazing Grace.

I am looking forward to attending the Grey High School matric dinner tonight. A highlight it is in the lives of our Grey Boys who will soon be out in their space pushing their envelopes. My best wishes go to the Class of 2015 as they continue on the next exciting part of their journey.

May this evening, too, be an event that they and we will remember!



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