Lightning and Thunder

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon | … Ill for 9 years … Physical: Adv CBD / Mental: Adv CBD


Storm over Port Elizabeth

 (Photo by Herman Brink)
We are not accustomed to lightning storms here in Port Elizabeth. Last night was different. A storm hit us at about 03h30. This was just a little while after our burglar alarm had activated (false alarm!). So, with the heavenly lights lighting up the sky and the thunder booming around us, I found it difficult to go back to sleep!

I thought about the week that was … It was a real and rare privilege to attend the Grey Matric Dinner. The hall was magnificently decorated, the dinner was excellent, the company was good and Hon David Maynier MP, Old Grey 1986 came with a CV longer than this blog and an excellent speech with many words of wisdom for the Men of the Grey! I taught him mathematics in my teaching years and was proud that I had a small part in preparing him for his role in politics, firstly, as the Shadow DA Minister of Defence and currently the Shadow Minister of Finance. (I will publish his speech as soon as I receive a copy of it.)

On Saturday morning, we had brunch together with David and his wife, Bronwyn, at Bocadillo’s. It was good catching up on the 30 years that have now become memories.

My memories are starting to fade – some say it’s indicative of old age, but I like to think that it’s the CBD that is winding its way through me. Like the storms of last night, the illness, now in its 9th year, is ravaging my body. 

My speech is faltering, my walking is affected, but most of all, the pain in my hips and glut muscles is becoming unbearable. I’m starting to feel like the proverbial guinea pig, as we try out new medicines and methods.

It’s no co-incidence that I called my blogsite Brainstorms when I started blogging five years ago!

And while I write this blog, the galeforce stormy winds are battering our “windy” city and the storm clouds of war are gathering in Syria and Europe as tens of thousands of refugees cross the Mediterranean by boat and the Balkans by foot.

In South Africa, the students are creating their own storms as they burn down buildings and motor cars on campuses across the country.

Indeed, we live in stormy times!


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