2016 Cortizone

Saturday 9 January 2016 | Ill 9 years 3 months | Advantage Ed

I have not blogged for many many months now. Since returning to SouthAfrica from Canada in July last year, I have been fighting the CBD on many fronts.

The discomfort has increased and the pain at times unbearable. I have woken every morning to ongoing bouts of pain, in my backside, legs, muscles and back.

I visited the doctors, specialists, chiropractor, physiotherapists, Biokineticist and masseuses.

Yet more and more tablets have been prescribed, exercises given and X-rays and MRI scans taken.

On 11 November, Rembrance Day, I underwent surgery on my back to release pressure in my lower spine. After the op, thanks to many painkillers, I returned home with very little pain and was able to walk upright again and without walkers, crutches and walking sticks.

Each day I became a little stronger. For 6 weeks I was not allowed to sit – only lie down or walk or stand! Things looked more and more promising.

Then we went to St Francis Bay on 14 December for the summer holidays. It was just short of the six weeks, and I looked after myself strictly  according to doctors specifications. But just short of Christmas, the pain returned, this time in my right butt and right leg.

I was once again almost unable to walk! So on Wednesday I was back at the specialist, and yet more X-rays and MRI scan.

On Thursday I returned to hear the bad news that once again there was pressure on my spinal column – this time fluid trapped in the lower vertebrae.

The good news is that the specialist is hopeful that it can be rectified – either by medication or yet another operation!

So on Thursday afternoon I started a course of cortisone. Friday morning I woke up with the usual pain and inability to shower or ablute properly. The pain is horrendous!

But on Saturday morning, for the first time in 7 months I woke up with no pain at all. I slowly put pressure onto my legs and back, got up out of bed and there was no pain!

It’s been a great day so far (now Saturday afternoon) and still pain free!

I’m on cortisone for a week – hopefully and prayerfully this will continue beyond this week. The pain has been wearing me down!

I don’t want to think of the other option  – yet another operation!

So, I’m back! Walking, sitting, writing, whatever … Happy New Year to all of us!


5 comments on “2016 Cortizone

  1. Ed I have followed your journey for many months, I’m sending mega love and prayers to you in your continued journey. Stay blessed. xx

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