RIP Garry Clarke

Wednesday 20 January 2016 | Our 26th wedding anniversary | ill 9 years 4 months | Deuce

Twice in the last few days I have written a blog that has disappeared into cyberspace! I am distraught.

All that remains is Garry’s picture! I guess that’s life. All we leave behind is our legacy and our pictures!

So, third time lucky …

I saw the neurosurgeon two weeks ago today, after returning from leave at St Francis. By then, the pain was once again excruciating. Another xray and MRI scan showed up fluid on my spinal cord, creating pressure and pain.

So, onto steroids and cortisone for a week. That lead to being absolutely pain free by the Saturday.

But, it returned. So last week Thursday I was back with the specialist. Another op in the making …

However he gave me a week’s respite and more pills … Thank goodness my hospice carer takes note because I’m forgetting … Carbilev 10 a day, lyrica 2, betanoid 6, nexmezol 1, tramacet 4, … I’m flying high!

But tomorrow is D-day. And a decision will be taken to operate again or not. The pain is erratic, from none to some. It’s wearing me down!

In the meantime, life carries on. And so does death. During the last two weeks, we have lost so many singers and musicians. All off to the Concert in the Cosmos. And we lost Garry Clarke – Old Grey who matriculated two years before I started teaching at Grey.

He was diagnosed with MS, and despite similar bouts of pain, he always had that smile on his face.

I attended his funeral on Monday, and went to the Old Grey Club afterwards. It was great getting out and seeing so many friends and acquaintances.

I’ll keep in touch, and hope not to lose any more blogs …

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