Back to Hospital

Ill 9 years 4 months | Advantage CBD | Saturday 23 January 2016

Ten weeks ago, I underwent surgery to relieve pressure on my spinal cord – a lumber decompression – and pain in my butt and legs. Things looked and felt good.

But by Christmas, the pain returned and the walking became more difficult.

For the last two weeks, I have been on cortisone to relieve the pain. Alas, no permanent relief!

So, Thursday saw me at the neurosurgeon’s office again. More surgery has been scheduled for this coming Monday.

The medical aid authorized the procedure on Friday, and I will check in at noon at St Georges Hospital. The instructions are same as last time – nil per mouth from seven am – and no sitting for six weeks after the op!

This is such a disappointment for me. In fact, I am devastated.

I have been told that the risks associated with the second op are greater than first time round, and that the surgery is more painful for both surgeon and patient.

The procedure will take some two to three hours on Monday afternoon. The only thing I look forward to is the anathaesia – that wonderful feeling as the anaethetist inserts the needle and counts down, and somewhere you disappear into the unknown only to wake up a day or so later!

Please hold me up in your prayers, for the surgeon’s safe hands and for full recovery.

In the meantime, today, as America is burdened by a massive snowstorm, we continue to be affected by a heatwave and ongoing drought. 

Hopefully, by next week this time, I’ll be home again and  we’ll be singing in the rain!


11 comments on “Back to Hospital

  1. All the best Ed. Trust all will go well and that you will be pain free soon. Stay well and look forward to your next positive blog. Cheers. Peter

    • Thinking of you and sincerely pray that you will be relieved of the pain and restored to health and strength. All the best, Marge

  2. Ed thinking of you. So sorry the pain has come back again. Hope that you will soon be free of pain. Lots of love, Denise

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