St George’s Hospital Day 3

Day 2 was a washout
Night 2 was beautiful on Stillnox
Day 3 I walked! To the shower and up the stairs and visited Ingrid on the 2nd floor! We take our legs for granted. They are a gift.
Louisa from Alicedale and jan moved my bed to the window … My window on our beautiful world. We take it for granted!
I’m dozing off. I haven’t had such contentment in a long while …


3 comments on “St George’s Hospital Day 3

  1. This is such wonderful news, Ed! Praying that each day is better than the previous one. God bless you as you recover. I am praying for accelerated healing, lots of patience, and God’s presence with you. May the contentment continue. Love, Colleen Collett.

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