February Fighter


Ill 9 years 5 months …| Advantage CBD | 

On Remembrance Day 11 November I underwent surgery to enable me to walk again with no pain.

That was followed by six weeks of no sitting. Christmas and New Year at St Francis Bay were special days with the family.

Come 2016 and come the pain again.

On return to PE in January I returned to the neurosurgeon. More cortisone but less relief.

Another operation last Monday, and 4 more days in hospital.

Home on Thursday and the first weekend of the repeat six weeks of no sitting.

It’s going to be a long time of lying on my back and I’m not sure I have the strength to fight this anymore.

I’ve been fighting for almost ten years now, and besides the discomfort there’s also the heat. I’m not good at fighting that!

I can’t wait for the dressing to come off on Thursday. Then I can get into the pool and cool down.

I have to fight the demons and my emotions, too. They are the most difficult.

How I long for those good old carefree days, for good health and good sight, for walking and running, for driving, for holidays and the Western Cape and Stellenbosch, for friends and February flights …

Exactly one year ago I was on top of Table Mountain with the Jones family … It was the start of our Canada adventure.


4 comments on “February Fighter

  1. It must be tiring fighting your battle; hold on to the quiet hugs, prayers and thoughts from so many who haven’t met you yet remain in awe of your resilience and positive approach throughout. Hugs xxxxx

  2. Hang in there, my man…you are an inspiration to us all and our thoughts and prayers are with you every hour. God bless. T

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