Junction Box


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We have a junction box under the eaves of the main part of our house. A cable runs from the Satellite TV Decoder in the lounge to the junction box, where the signal splits to the TV sets in the others rooms of our house.

In order for all the TV’s to work properly, the decoder, the cables, the junction box and the TVsets all have to function.

Sometimes, however, the TV set in my bedroom doesn’t function. There is no sound or no picture or neither.

More often than not the problem lies in the junction box. The bedroom TV set is functional, the cables are fine and the Decoder is fine! Simply fixing the junction box connections will enable a clear functional picture and crystal clarity sound to appear on my TV set. Eish, she works!

Well, that’s what has been happening in my body over the last year or so.

The nerves go down the spinal column to the junction box at the bottom of my spine. There they split and go down the left leg and the right.

Sometimes, during the last twelve months, the pain in my bum and legs has been triggered by short-circuits in the junction box. The fact that I have not been able to use my legs, has been the problems in that junction box.

So, I had the junction mended on 11 November 2015.

That got the left leg mended and working again. Whilst the work was done on the junction box, the left leg became workable again.

Six weeks went by whilst my junction box recovered from the surgery.

Many people enquire how my back is. It’s not my back that’s the problem. It’s that darn junction box, and when it’s repaired, the pain subsides and my legs work and I can stand up straight and walk again.

After Christmas, the junction box went haywire again and on 26 January 2016, I had to undergo further surgery, this time to get the right leg working and to relieve the pain on that side.

So far, four weeks have passed and the right leg is working and the pain had subsided on the right hand side.

Two more weeks to go, but the specialist says we are not out of the woods yet.

So, I am not allowed to sit for another two week. I may stand, walk, lie down – but NO sitting!

The TV sets in all the rooms are starting to work properly and a clear picture is starting to emerge.

Hopefully, the junction box will continue to work and there will be no more short-circuits.

So, don’t ask how my back is. There’s never been a problem with that!

In my junction box, I’ve had two lumbar decompressions in quick succession, which are performed for trapped nerves. The doctors and the medical aid call it a laminectomy and a laminotomy!

See you soon.

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