ScramblED Signal

9 Years 5 months Ill | Mental: Advantage CBD / Physical: Advantage CBD 

The last time I wrote about having a junction box that works. I believe the correct name for that junction box is a splitter.

All of that, of course, presupposes that the signal that reaches the junction box is a good one. Those of us fortunate to receive a good DSTV signal into our decoder or explorer or whatever it’s called nowadays, know that we sometimes have the signal interrupted at source, sometimes because of a storm on the other side of the world. In that case, we lose the signal and receive no picture or sound and there is very little we can do about that until the fundi’ correct the problem.

In my case, the signal leaves the brain and proceeds down the spine to that all so important junction box.

However, because the corticalbasal degeneration that I have, the illness in my brain at source, means that there is not a clean signal coming into the system at all. There is a problem somewhere between the action, the satellite, the satellite dish and the Explora.

There are no fundi’s, no,specialists, who can correct the problem. No one knows how or what, and the incoming signal becomes weaker and weaker, the picture breaks up, and the sound softer and softer.

Every now and then we read that someone has found a solution, that Joost is looking so much better, that a miracle cure has been found,that the technicians are working on it, please just be patient, we will fix the problem!

May that day come soon – I have been waiting for almost ten years now for the incoming signal to be unscramblED.


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