It’s Cool in the Cape

9 years 6 months ill | Physical Advantage Ed / Mental Advantage Ed

The horrible south Easter has been blowing in the Cape – the Cape Doctor they call it.

And we surely need the doctor in our family right now. My prayers and good wishes are with all my family members currently in hospital: my sister Ingrid, my uncles Peter and Bully, Sebastians’s Dad …. I have forgotten that I too am ill!

The weather has cooled down too. I like that! And the Cape is always cool … I am home for a few weeks.

Tonight, I speak to the Rotary Club which hosted me to the USA in 1974. And the weekend is the 40th Reunion of the HHH class of 1975. I shall share my story there too. I am Happy, Humbled and HonourED.

Thank you to everyone who makes it possible for me to travel and for the invites that keep coming in for me to share my story.

Hopefully, the more I speak, the more people will learn about this horrible disease of CBD. Someday, a cure will be found.

And in the process, I am blessed to meet up with family and friends who have travelled with me and made up the tapestry of my life.

Yes, the Cape is Cool!

Standing Room Only

But just because you bury something, that doesn’t mean it stops existing. ~ Jenny Han

Ill 9 years 6 months …| Mental Deuce / Physical Deuce

I had my first op on 11 November last year to alleviate the pain in my butt and legs, and to allow me to walk.

Then followed a few weeks of respite over the Christmas / New Year holidays.

On 25 January 2016 I had the second op. All this time, for 6 weeks after no 1 and again after no 2, I have been able to lie down, stand or walk, but NO sitting.

So for three months it’s been standing room only!

Today I saw the specialist, one week earlier than expected. The last visit he said “We are not out of the woods yet!”

Today he said, “Dit lyk goed!” (It’s looking good!”)

I left his surgery with my back brace in my hand, I had my first sit in three months, and Ihad a smile on my face!

My neighbor had given me a lift to the hospital (again!). This time on his 50th birthday. Thanks Dickie for all the lifts and looking after me and for your neighborliness. It reminded me of my 50th birthday, when almost ten years ago now, I received the news that I had corticalbasal degeneration with possibly 5 years to live. And here I’m heading for ten years now. It hasn’t been easy.

It’s a pity that the CBD can’t be healed in the same manner as the back! I’m only too thankful to be able to walk again!