You are important to us …

9 years 7 months ill … Physical Advantage CBD / Mental Advantage ED

I have not written for ages, because of both physical and mental constraints, but also because I’ve been traveling again!

I will try and join the dots …

Yesterday, I returned from Cape Town. It was a rushed three day visit to the Western Cape in order to attend my classmate Derek Lionel Dollman’s funeral. More of that later …

But I had a rushed return too. Straight from the airport, Phillip rushed me to Advice Works to see Ryan Truelove.They are looking at my financial portfolio. It took far longer than I had anticipated and I sent Phillip home. Besides lots of talking, I signed a form to allow them to peruse my financial status ( or lack thereof!).

Darron Nel took me home and then off I went to visit my sister. I fell into bed after supper – exhausted!

By this morning, the beeps had started and the phone calls came streaming in … It was my broker, Discovery, Sanlam, Liberty Life, bank consultant, Standard Bank ,… Suddenly, they were all concerned about my welfare! Some I haven’t heard from in years! Now, I must know that “you are important to us!

Was it me or was it my meager investments they were all interested in?

Bang went my lie in and my quiet Friday morning of rest and recuperation!

The minister at Derek’s funeral spoke a lot about heaven where, according to him, Derek has gone and where some of us hope we are going … He mentioned nothing of the financial systems there .

It surely can’t be heaven if all those people and institutions are going there too?


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