9 years 8 months Ill | Mentally and physically: Deuce

Canada burns in and around Ft McMurray in Alberta.

It’s hard to believe that, this time last year, we were preparing for out trip to Kelowna, Vancouver and Calgary.

This last week, the first in May 2016, saw us spend May Day weekend in St Francis Bay attending the Rishworths housewarming of their new house on the canals, and visiting the Southwoods and the Nortjes at their lovely homes on the St Francis Links.

This week also sees the end of the proliferation of public holidays that we have in the first six months of every year. Now it’s work time and downhill to Christmas and to the tenth anniversary of my being ill. Can you believe it?

Yesterday morning, I visited my sister Ingrid who has been ill since last Christmas. Our thoughts and prayers remain with her during these difficult times. Then I started my first yoga class which we think may be helpful in keeping me going in these post-operative months. Sometimes I forget that I have had two major back operations during the last six months.

Thanks God that I can walk again without the use of walking aids and that excruciating pain that I was getting last year  is now a thing of the past.

I have been waiting now for two weeks in order to see the neurologist. New tremors have started and I’m feeling like an earth tremor at six on the Richter scale. It’s so disappointing that our neurologists are so busy and that one has to wait ages for an appointment. New patients take up to six months to get a consultation!

It’s about as long as I waited to get an upgrade for my smartphone yesterday – in the process I filled in so many forms and signed so many jittery signatures! I think I destroyed as many forests as the fires are doing in Canada! Thank goodness for Wolma Kemp from Graaff-Reinett who was behind me in the queue. We chatted and passed the time and he stopped me from losing my fragile temper!

And I signed my life away … This next week is a visit to the lawyers and the accountants …the signing doesn’t stop!