Reunion 2016

9 Years 8 months ill | Physical: Advantage Ed / Mental: Deuce

I have written extensive notes before on the annual reunions that we celebrate in Port Elizabeth in the month of May.

Last week was Reunion Week once again.

The Grey Schools for Boys celebrated 160 years, the Collegiate Schools for Girls 142 years, Pera 40 years from Matric, Lindsay Scholtz (my niece) 10 years, Sean 6 years, Phillip 3 years and I must have the record for celebrating reunions and other peoples’ reunions from HHH, Sulphur High in Oklahoma, Stellenbosch University and Grey High!

This year I was invited as a guest by the Grey Class of 1986 celebrating their 30th Reunion. My sincerest thanks to Rob Elfick and the men of 1986 for including me in their celebrations. They were my third Matric class that I taught at Grey High.

Wednesday evening was the Selley Concert, Thursday was lunch at the Bridge Street Brewery, Old Boys rugby, the formal Dinner in the evening in the High School quad (500 men) and then the Old Grey Club.

Friday , I attended Lindsay’s speech at Collegiate (after my long-awaited appointment with my neurologist), then lunch at CTFM, cocktails at Grey Junior Pavilion, hockey and dinner.

Saturday was the rugby day, interspersed with drinks and dinners at various school venues and finally the final function at the Old Grey Club – the highlight for me being Neil Thomson’s impromptu The Retirement Tour outside on the Club deck!

And now for me is the beginning of new drugs! Oxpola on a trial for three weeks to stop the shakes and the spasms will hopefully do the trick and not leave all the side effects that these drugs seem to bring with them! I have also started yoga classes to help with stretching and breathing. This will helpfully also assist in keeping me moving. The back ops have helped so much in keeping me upright and walking. It’s difficult to believe that six months ago I could barely walk and certainly not without assistance of crutches and strollers!

Time for a haircut and a beard trim – things that have become difficult for me to do with my hands that don’t work properly anymore! My thanks to Grant at Front Cover Hairdressers for keeping me “but you look so good!”