21 Years ago ~Today, 24 June 1995, in History: The Springboks beat New Zealand to win the Rugby World Cup in 1995. 

Speaking after the game then Captain Francois Pienaar told The Telegraph: “As we stood there he (Mandela) turned to me and said with that incredible, beautiful smile of his: ‘Thank you for what you have done for South Africa.’

We beat the odds to become a winner.

21 Years ago ~ Today, 24 June 1995, in History: Pera was some 24 weeks pregnant with Phillip John. HE decided it was time to take on the world.

So it was that we did not watch the game or attend the victory parties. The doctors tried everything to keep him in and they managed to do that until 7 July 1995 which will stand forever as his date of birth.

That is the day that his total mass of 1,25 kg took on the might of the universe, albeit about 14 weeks prematurely. He was put in an incubator for some 2 months

In two weeks time, Phillip, our youngest son, now almost 2m tall, will celebrate his 21st birthday.

He also beat the odds.

He, too, is a winner.

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