Tributes to Thomsons – RIP Pamela 4 July 2016


Mr Neil Thompson

40 years! Well done sir on a life time’s commitment to building, moulding, nudging and at times

“beating” (always fair and well deserved) us into Grey men!

I think back to my u14A year a win against Grey Bloem and the end of season braai. Your reprimand after my stupid behaviour – “you have disappointed me” hit the mark and was more powerful than any beating! (I dare say 6 would have also been deserved!)

The English teaching – sadly no impact on my spelling or use of punctuation, yet my love of reading was enhanced as well as an understanding of Shakespeare!

The joy of Unicorns cricket and the motto “Hit it high hit it hard there are no fielders in the sky”. The hiding I got right there and then after bowling you a bouncer in the turf nets – “sorry sir it hit the ridge!” It had to have at my pace, it needed all the help it could get! It was however, not a bad bouncer, judging by the chuckles coming from those in the other nets! Indeed your demonstration of the front foot drive, cut and slog sweep onto my backside had all the others in the nets in fits of laughter!

Later, when I became a teacher at your alma mater and asked you for some words of wisdom for my team playing against Grey Junior and facing the man mountain Jan Serfontein. The obvious passion and pride with which you spoke and your trump card,  your old Bishops Prep School jersey neatly folded and shown to the team had all in awe. Sadly, we lost only due to Mr Andrew Hayadakis superior coaching ability of ensuring that Serfontein go the ball every time! However, the pride with which the boys played was testimony to your team talk!

 How about donating the jersey to the Bishops museum?

Above all your greatest gift was the belief you instilled in your charges and the passion with which you imparted your knowledge.

 “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it” (Act 2 Scene 2 Hamlet) the quote from Hamlet encompasses so much of what your school mastering was for all of us! Indeed there was method!

Thank you to a legendary school master so much more than just a teacher! May the melody and words from Sweet Caroline: “reaching out, touching you, touching me, good times never seem so good” continue to resonate far and wide.

Brendan Fogarty


4 comments on “Tributes to Thomsons – RIP Pamela 4 July 2016

  1. Thomo it was a privilege to journey with you as a boy, as a man teaching in your English department and as a Musician where you gave me a gig and the privilege of playing alongside you on occasion. A legend back then in the 80s/early 90s already – and deservedly in the annals of Grey folklore forever. Many congratulations to you and to Pam – thank you for all that you have done. Brenda Lawn! (Thanks baby Greg!)

  2. Mr. Thompson, 2 of my chi ldren studied at Grey High and both became Chartered Accountants. On behalf of my latr husband Bruce and myself, I would like to thank you for all you did for our sons. You were strict but dedicated and for that we’ll always be grateful. You gave helped them grow into decent well-
    Mannered citizens. May you and your family be blessed. Thank you Sir

  3. It’s incredible how friendships can transcend the gap between colleagues. The debt of gratitude I owe both Neil and Pam Thomson for their mentorship, support and tremendous example during my 9 years at Grey High School, and more specifically the English Department, can never be repaid. Greg Thomson and Lynn Thomson I don’t know how it feels to lose a mom, and while it is carrion comfort – know that there are many of us who will carry you in our thoughts and prayers. Rest well Mrs Thomson, we will miss you, but will never forget your kind heart and care for your pupils and fellow teachers. 💔

    Fender Barnard

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