Happy Birthday Ed!


Ill 10 years / Mental: Advantage Ed / Physical: Deuce

So, last Sunday, 18 September, was my 60th birthday and the tenth birthday with CBD.

I am humbled by all your attention and grateful that, despite the doctor’s prognosis of five years left, I have beaten the ten year record. That’s my personal gold medal!

I am also now older than both my father and my mother were when they passed away.

As a family, we had much to celebrate last weekend. And we did it in style with the help of so many of you. I am sorry that we could not have included more of you, but I know you will understand.

I would like to thank so many of you, and hope that I don’t leave anyone out!

A big thank you to and for:

  • All of you you sent me messages on Facebook
  • The phone calls
  • Those who attended the party
  • The gifts and cards
  • The organizers especially Pera, the Steeles
  • Sean and Phillip for assisting and Sean for his very kind and not so kind words!
  • My sisters for coming from afar to be with us – the first time we were together in 26 years
  • All those who came from afar to be here
  • Roy and Denise Kemp for accommodation at 17 Mill Park Road Guesthouse
  • Tommo … Thank you for the music
  • Lionel Hunt … Thank you for Elvis
  • Grey Junior School and Mr Pearson for the venue
  • The caterers, the dance floor Kimon Augostatos, the cleaners
  • Graeme for coming from JHB and reliving our pub crawl
  • The Ogilvies for all your love and support over 30 years
  • AlgoaFM and Lance du Plessis and Charl Leslie

By the time I got into bed on Sunday morning at 02h45, I was exhausted but I was happy and grateful for the life I have been given and the cards that have been dealt to me … And for each and everyone of you that plays such a very special part in my life and the road that I walk and that you walk with me.

I was sad that Ingrid was not able to join us, and the too many loved ones who have gone before us during the course of this year and earlier.

You are all the tapestry that makes up my sixty years and more …

“I go to prepare a place for you so that where I am you may be also …”.