Fees Must Fall

(c) 2016 Ed C. Lunnon #Ill 10 years 1 month

After 4 weeks, our children are trying to get back to their university classes.

By any and all means possible, they are being intimidated not to do so.

Our children are having to pay for the policies of their grandparents – the so-called “sins of the ¬†fathers”.

Their only crime is that they are at the right place at the wrong time.

They have been taken hostage by hooligans who demand a ransom of free education from government.

The problem is that instead of negotiating or paying the ransom, government has walked away from the hostages and left them to pay their own ransom – or negotiate their own way out of this mess.

So what’s happening today?

  • Riots continue
  • Students attempt to learn
  • Hooligans run riot
  • Government runs away
  • Chaos continues
  • The future remains uncertain

And the police, expected to maintain law and order?

  • They are playing golf at the Hill! Call them if needed on 10111 ….
  • And by the way, the head office team is leading the pack.

Excuse me, I better run – it’s time to tee off!

They’ve got them by the balls and

Balls must fall …